Yellow Rose Organic Story

Back in the 1930’s, during the depression, my grandparents, Frank and Lena Heitkamp moved to a new farm near Mooreton, ND. They planted a grove of cottonwood trees around the farmstead and to the west they planted a five row shelterbelt of cottonwood, pine, chokecherry and lilac in an L shape, ½ mile south and then ¼ mile east on the south border . In the yard we had apple trees and even a mulberry bush. But north of the house, about half way between the grove and the house, my grandmother planted a yellow rose bush. Today it grows next to a purple lilac bush to the east and grape vines to the west. There are raspberries to the south and then through the hedge, two large lilac bushes line the path to the house.

So fast forward seventy years, I have been driving truck for eleven years. During that time, I have kept a few acres to learn how to farm organically, I made the decision I need to stay home and farm. It was spring of 2007 and I was looking for a name that would tie the farm to the family history. During a visit to my parents, I found that connection.

Yellow Rose Organic was named in 2007, taking a spring walk with my Mom around the farm. My Dad, Jerome, was born there. Joan and Jerome spent their entire marred life raising twelve kids there. Like the family farm, that Yellow Rose bush has seen good years and bad, but it still survives through the hot summers and cold winters.


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